Ebenezars Journal

September 16, 2011
He’s alive!!! I can’t stop thinking about it. I was right. Imprisonment, the Queen is going to pay once I find her. Patience, Patience. First I must keep the Chelixians from taking over Westcrown again. I’ve waited over 200 hundred years whats a couple of more months. Once I set him free, I am going to get what I wanted. The payment I deserve. But what about the others. The Paladin is thick, but the cleric could prove troublesome if he happens to be at odds with my plan. However, I think he won’t realize what I am trying to do. The real issue is my elf companion. He’s too smart for his own good. Almost as smart as me, but where are his loyalties? He seems just like any other elf, slightly arrogant and self absorbed. I trust them with my life but if they get in my way when the time comes. They won’t, they won’t, I either make them see reason and find a non violent solution around it. The real problem comes with the wild card. The sorceress. Myn, she is to wrapped up in all this. She might try to claim it for her own. Patience, Patience. I don’t know that. I don’t know what she is trying to do or what she knows. Soon, I will get what I want. What my duty was from the beginning. Wants I set him free, justice will be served and the people will be taken care of, the way they were intended to be. I will put things back in their Natural Order!Patience, patience.

September 2, 2011
Its been a long day fighting in a dungeon trying to look for a piece of Arodens shield. Ebenezar soon sits down around 2a.m. for his reflection and reverie; contemplating to himself what his purpose for pursuing this course is and if their is any hope in his path. As visions and reflections flash before his eyes he comes to a white room with a man sitting in a chair.

“Where am I? Who are You?” Eb says to the stranger in the chair. The stranger dressed fine blue and white robes with the Eagle Knights symbol sits there silently staring back at Eb. “Why am I here?!” Eb demands.

“Now thats the question isn’t it. The question that drives all the sentinent races. The question that drives them to delve into knowledge. Oh sure they like to lie to themselves and say its just because they want to better their lives but it all comes back to that question doesn’t it.” The stranger says in a quiet controlled voice.

“As to where are you well to be frank your mind as who am I? Well, I think you know the answer to that question Aramil Farstrider.” The stranger says. The stranger continues to look at him almost like a father would a son who is on the verge of figuring out how a certain tool works or how to light a fire.

“You can’t be, thats impossible! he’s he’s dead.” Eb declares.

“What is death? How do you define death? Is it simply a ceasing to exist or becoming more real? Non of the sentinent races will ever truly know until they themselves make that transition. And by rules of the universe I can’t tell you. All I can say is I’m here now and my time is short I must deliver you a message.”

“What message and from who?” Eb ask

“I don’t have time to explain everything. All I can tell you is that you and your companions are on the verge of changing things. They can have dire consequences to Goloria and the realms around here. Your companions are the key.” The stranger said

“You know what I am trying to do don’t you? Will it work? Will it..will it bring him back? Eb asked.

“I can’t answer that question but faith son. If you believe in what you are doing it makes all the difference in the world.” The stranger says.

“When I bring him back and I will. I will build it again. In honor of you.” Eb stated.

“Its time for me to go Aramil. You face a lot of difficulties but never lose faith.” The stranger said.

Then the room went white and Ebenezar awoke from his reverie. As he awoke his dream was strarting to slip away. So he brought out a piece of parchment and tried to recall the whole thing and write it down. Then remembering where he was got up and thought about what incantations he would need for todays events and went to start memorizing them.“Your text to link here…”

Ebenezars Journal

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