Roland Hunzicker

Human Ranger rescued by the party from a prison cell that requires another humanoid to take the place of the imprisoned.


Roland Hunzicker is a quiet slender man. His thin frame coupled with great agility has served him well in the wild. In his teenage years, he served as a scout for Reginald the Fifth’s army. After seeing what so-called civilized men can do in war, he sought a life of solitude. In his eyes, wild animals seem to be more honorable than the nobles he fought for.

His way of life was disrupted as more goblins began invading the lands surrounding the ancient druid shrine. He realized this was more than poorly organized war bands. Their equipment and training was consistent with a well-regulated army. To protect the land he calls home, he traveled to the town of Ashcroft, petitioning for help from the Pathfinders Society. Leonard Goldknife assembled a team of adventurers to determine where the goblins came from and who was supplying them.

Roland Hunzicker

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