Lionel Goldknife

Gnomish engineer of seemingly great importance.


Lionel was born and raised in the vast caverns of Uspenka. At the young age of 30, he was engineering things that befuddled even the most mechanically and structurally minded. Working on site at a dwarven mining camp, he was improving the stone cutting process dwarves had worked for centuries to perfect.

The rapid progress of the mining became an issue as the dwarves had burrowed into an existing drow tunnel. Drow had heard the dwarves pickaxes and lay in ambush for the moment of break through. As the dwarves discovered the tunnel, drow began pouring into dwarves tunnel, attempting to capture or kill as many as possible. Lionel was among those captured that day.

30 years of captivity passed, being forced to engineer siege engines using adamantium. Other interesting designs were also completed, often their true purpose being obscured from Lionel.

During a rare trip to near the surface to test new weapon designs, a group of Pathfinders stumbled into the drow party. After killing most, the rest of the drow fled. Grateful for the rescue, they recognized his face as that of Leonard Goldknife, Lionel’s twin brother. Returning him to Ashcroft, Lionel realized the curse of the black rot now plagued him. Spending so long in Karame caused him to grow weaker. The powerful evil that permeates Karame created an addiction in his body that could only be fed by evil actions. Resigning himself to death or the possibility of being captured again, he decided to spend his remaining days in the coastal town of Martyr’s Pointe. As he left, the brothers said their final good byes, each wishing that they had more time to spend together.

The players wanting to ask questions about the Dark Brotherhood, visited Lionel in Martyr’s Pointe, who was staying at the Scallywag’s Den. After conversing with Lionel, Karthiel Ironwood had devised a plan to substitute arsenic and a few other toxic ingredients to prevent the black rot from killing Lionel.

After being saved again from certain fate, Lionel offers to act as a guide to the Party is heading for Karame.

Lionel Goldknife

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