Half Orc Druid


Grouselog is a Half Orc Druid of supreme reverance to nature and its creatures. Kind of dumb but kind. Very untrusting of others and crowds. Grouselog likes adventure and nature; He would trade a room for night under the stars any day.


Grouselog like many Half Orcs comes to be from tragedy. His mother (Human) was raped by an Orc during a raid. When he was born he was the ugliest baby she ever saw, but she raised him until he was five. During the time he was treated as an outcast since he was a half orc and ran away into the wild at age seven. Learning some basic tips he lived off the land until an Elf name Aramil found him sleeping in a cave. the elf not wanting to see a child die alone took him to his little hut in the words and fed him. The elf ended up raising the Half Orc and teaching him the ways of nature. Every week they go to the Druid circle and pray to the Gods of Nature to bless them and dance in the moonlight. Grouselog decided he wanted to become a druid too.

Becoming a druid is not easy. He was sent into the forest to find his spirit animal. A companion who follow him until the end of its days. During the first month he lived off the land learning how to make Goodberries to ease his hunger then one day he found an eagle with a broken wing. He mended it and fed the Eagle goodberries. The next day the Eagle was restored to full health and stayed with the Half Orc. He called him Birdy. I know original but that was what he called him. On his return he took his vows under the druid circle and was taught the secret language of druids. Now his task is to leave for five years on a quest and come back reflect on what he has learned.

So, he joins the pathfinders guild and joins a quest to check out a castle and stronghold, the adventures begins.


Since leaving the pathfinders guild and his companions. Grouselog has been task with the upkeep and protection of the druid circles along the mountains that keep the land fertile. Ever since the Drow have been kicked backed in the underdark all has been quiet. And he ponders what is happening to his fellow companions Myn, Ginnevra, and the Gnome bard who used to sing him to sleep everynight.


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