Esmerelda Valkera

Sister of Vrashnik


Young, beautiful female with a small build. Lacking womanly curves, it serves her well in various forms skullduggery.


Horrified as a child, watching her father slay her mother and separate herself from her younger twin siblings, life has never been easy for Esmerelda. She served as a slave under a mysterious Netherlord in Westcrown only to be sold at the age of 17 to a member of House Thrune in Egorian. After witnessing a deal between the noble and a Soul Thief, they decided she had outlived her usefulness and charged the necromancer with stealing her soul.

Reincarnated in a new body and glad to be in the company of her younger brother, she would dispense vengeance upon those who have hurt and controlled her life up to this point.

Esmerelda Valkera

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