Ebenezar Mccoy

Abjurationist Elf.


Ebenezar or Eb as his friends call him is unusual for an elf. He is very blunt and not diplomatic at all. Kind of says what is on his mind all the time and focuses on his work a bit to much.

Ebenezar was born and raised by elves in a temple of Aeroden at Absalom. He is about 100 years old. He is actually a devout follower. Around his 30th name day when he was coming of age the temple got sacked and since none of the priest had any power they couldn’t defend it from being sacked. After that his priest disbanded the temple and lost all faith that Aeroden might return. However, Ebenezar still believed in the dead God and new he would return one day if he just had faith.

After he left the temple he became a scribe for a local wizards guild to get by. One day he saw a wizard their (Arthur) an old Half Elf binding a demon from another plane to get some questions answered. Stupidly Eb thought he could do the same thing and get some answers about Aeroden and why he was dead. He accidentally summoned a demon without the right circle and would have died if Arthur didn’t show up in the nick of time to banish the demon back to the place he came. Arthur chastized him for his stupidity but saw promise in him. so Arthur took Eb as his apprentice and personal scribe.

The old Half elf was a second father to him. They went on Adventures together to discover ancient ruins, places etc. Arthur taught him many different languages and put more emphasis on his knowledge than his magic. He also taught him wizardry but mainly defensive magic. Arthur always said if you have the right defensive magic you can be prepared for anything. Arthur hated the practice of using enchantments thought that a persons mind was sacred and Eb was never good at doing illusions but every other class of magic he is very good at. He trained with Arthur for 50 years until the old wizard died of old age. He still has some keepsakes like the old wizards spellbook and cloak he used to wear that protects Eb even now and the old wizards familiar Psuedy the Psuedo dragon.

After that he joined the Pathfinders guild. He has been working with them for the past 20 years going on various adventure then they assigned him to this group fighting the Cheliax kingdom. Actually he volunteered hearing that they been to the keep of eternal light where followers of Aeroden still exist.


To become an established cleric of Aeroden and run his own temple one day.


Besides those currently in the group he has an ally that studied with him occasionally under Arthur and went with him on a couple of pathfinders adventures. His name is Gimble the gnome illusionist. Gimble taught useful spells such as knock and different languages that he new. Gimble has a very dry wit and illusions are masterful. Also a very oral speaker and storyteller.

Arch Enemy

An Elf Sorceress name Mynerva. They were lovers during some of his adventures with the Pathfinders guild but left him to die in an abandon mine shaft at the mercy of duergar. Luckily Gimble came to his rescue. She stole an artifact of the Aeroden church and vows one day he will find her and take it from her. She is very seductive and witty. Very powerful with enchantment spells and some evocation spells. Apart of the Dragon Bloodline (Black)

Ebenezar Mccoy

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