The Natural Order

War Never Changes

After having regained some of his former powers, Arcturus Mandori suggests the group aid in the defense of Westcrown. They begin heading south in search of General Draco. When they meet him in a small forrest near Barrowood, they assess the situation of the enemy’s siege camp.

There are 3 concentrations of siege engines striking the walls of Westcrown, one being the main supply camp to the northwest of the city, a small one to the southwest, and one across the river to the northeast. General Draco has already began small skirmishes with the northwestern camp, hoping to draw soldiers from their main camp into an ambush near their current position. The northwestern camp is atop cliffs overlooking the city, and cannot be ascended directly. The road leading from Westcrown to this camp runs in front of the cliffs and between two small forests where Draco has men waiting. The group decides to focus on the siege camp across the river, using magical flight to hit and run at night.



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