The Natural Order

Two paths

The party stays at the Keep of Eternal Light for a week. Throughout the week, offers of aid come from many sources, and few requests as well.

Two emissaries from the elven court of Kyonin, Logan and Pete, request an audience. Queen Telandia Edasseril has sent these emissaries to aid in their plight. Kyonin is trying to stabilize the area since their return, and Cheliax could soon be at war with Kyonin if it regains some of its former provinces that have shrugged off its rule.

Captain Rokuro, Head Dottari of Westcrown, comes forth to request assistance in breaking the siege of its town. Since rumors had spread of the party standing against the armies and agents of Cheliax, Westcrown has turned from a somber slothful city to a fraction of its former glory and energy. Men are remembering the tales of old, Westcrown being the previous capital, and the power that it had wielded at one time. Attacking Hellknights and other devils residing within the walls of Westcrown, they have removed all presence of those who faithfully serve Queen Abrogail II. The offices, jails and courts which the Hellknights used have been leveled to the ground as a symbol that their laws will no longer be enforced. But with this uprising, the Queen has sent a sizeable army to siege Westcrown into submission.

Arcturus Mandori quietly summons Karthiel to his chambers. He explains that he believes his god Aeroden is alive and his power is returning. When Karthiel had previously visited the keep, Mandori was unable to channel from his deity, and now he demonstrates the return of some slight connection, causing his hand to glow. Mandori believes that if someone were to take the trials of the Starstone, refuse becoming a god themself, they could restore Aeroden to his former power.
Karthiel seems hesitant to commit to such a course, and informs Min and Ebeneezer.

Arcturus Mandori also speaks to Min, stating since they have spoken last, the Order has been researching more about the Hellstalkers, and Min’s past. Mandori believes that Min was the daughter of the original founder, Min is uncertain. However, their research has uncovered what they believe is an armory for the Hellstalkers in the town of Westcrown. They have been unable to open the armory, and would like Min to assess the location for herself.

Arcturus Mandori also announces that they have begun trying to reassemble the Shield of Aeroden. Many pieces of the shield were given to various Lords and Keepers. However when all were cut from their divine connection, the fragments had lost their importance and some had been traded or sold.

Scouts report that approaching the keep is a strange dragon that has no legs or wings, accompanied by 13 Hellknights of Cheliax. Ebenezeer scries upon the group, seeing that it is in fact a Crag Linnorm, and the 13 Hellknights are members of the Queen’s Guard and are some of the best swordsmen in the kingdom. To avoid damage to innocent lives, the party meets their attackers a day’s ride south of the Keep, using the Staff of Transformation to augment the battlefield to their advantage. After Pete mercilessly slays the Linnorm with a storm of arrows, the Captain activates the 2nd feature of the Rod of Command he is holding, animating the Linnorm into a Skeletal Linnorm. Ebenezeer then finishes the skeleton with powerful magic, removing the dark energy that binds its bones to the wielder of the rod. After what seemed like days of swordplay, the Hellknights are finally crushed.

Realizing that the queen cannot be defeated in only one facet, the party agrees to split. Vrashnik, Min, and Istvan agree to head to Westcrown to aid them in their cause. The remainder will hopefully recruit General Draco by stealing a note from the queen, and cause general unrest.



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