The Natural Order

One by land, Two by Air

A male paladin approaches the gate of the Keep of Eternal Light. He requests audience with those who oppose the Queen of Cheliax. The group greets him and asks his business. He explains that he was sent by the Church of Dresna by Justicar Trinsa of Westcrown. Logan inspects the letter sent by her, and begins questioning his credentials. Although the note seems authentic, he wishes to learn of the paladin’s strengths and weaknesses. He introduces himself as Gabriel Capernicus with a long list of achievements.

With the note secured, Ebenezeer, Ginnevra, and Logan decide to approach General Draco in Egorian to see if he will finally aid their cause. They teleport outside of the city and walk in to find General Draco at his favorite gambling tavern, the Gilded Sapphire. Ginnevra takes a place by the bar, surveying the room. As they begin to circumnavigate the room to approach him, they spot a few patrons begin reaching under the table. As they draw their infernal polearms, their facade as human nobles fade and they are seen truly as Bearded Devils.

As many of the nobles flee, one is cut down by a Bearded devil. Ginnevra spots out of the corner of her eye that the barkeep is also one of the devils, barely avoiding a halberd swipe. As they fight, General Draco draws his mighty greatsword which glows gold in the presence of demons. As he charges and engages the remaining devil, he cuts the devil into three, below the knees, and above the shoulders. Logan recognizes that these devils are members of Asmodeus’ personal guard, which although number over three thousand strong, are some of the fiercest warriors of all the planes. These being the least of which.

“It’s good to let my blade taste these devils flesh. They’ve been walking around cocky for far too long,” smiles General Draco.

“What do you need to do? We should get back to the Keep of Eternal light!” states Logan.

“I will contact my second in command over in the docks district and then meet you there. I now have three thousand swordarms ready to slay Asmodeus himself.”

The three teleport back to the keep and inform the others of the wonderful progress. They spend the next few days discussing plans of what their next move should be. One night, heading back to their quarters, they find an ambush. Two Barbed devils had laid in wait in Ginnevra and Gabriel’s room which is located at the end of the hall. These devils begin impaling the two upon their wicked spikes, causing fear in Ginnevra.

As the devils are almost dispatched, the party recognizes the alarm spell ringing from the front gate. Noticing the window the devils crawled through, all of the party except Gabriel exits via that route. Gabriel begins running down the stairs, frustrated they sleep on the 4th floor.

Flying, walking on walls, and simply tumbling upon landing, everyone else at least is outside of the keep in the courtyard. They spot the gate guards being overwhelmed by 6 more of Asmodeus’ personal guard. As they attempt to rush to their aid, Ginnevra and Ebenezeer spot a candle light in the Tower of Knowledge adjacent to the keep. Arcturus Mandori spends many a night at the top of the tower trying to remember knowledge he has forgotten. Ginnevra begins scaling the wall of the tower with slippers of spider climb as Ebenezeer begins flying towards the top most arrow slit.

Logan, Karthiel, and Ilthyas charge the Bearded devils. Logan misleads them via magic creating an illusional double, and floats above the devils. The most of the devils recognize the illusion for what it is after a short while, as one continues to dance via swords with the illusion. Ilthyas would trip and attack while Karthiel took opportunities to hit as well as healing the other two.

Pete had begun flying upwards aboard a flying carpet when exiting the window. He spotted the first two Erinyes over the north wall immediately. They traded arrows and he prevailed. After them came two more from the west wall. Pete had taken a few too many arrows from surprise, and floated downwards, hiding behind the keep’s walls. The western erinyes summoned dimensional doors to teleport near him to strike him with deadly arrows. As his body fell lifeless, the carpet began floating downward.

Ebenezeer frustrated he cannot enter the arrow slit summons his arcane swordsmen to fight the barbed devil that is fighting Mandori in the tower. Ginnevra pulls out her magic window, creating access to the top of the tower. As they enter through the window, the barbed devil falls to a divine light sent from Mandori’s fingers.

Gabriel reaches the main hall of the bottom floor of the keep. He begins battling two barbed devils that had entered the hall. Dispatching one with ease, the second poses problems.

“Aroden…. you haven’t forsaken us…” Arcturus Mandori whispers. He begins running down the stairs with a vigor rare in eighty year old humans. Ginnevra and Ebenezeer exit back through the window to see the last of the bearded devils by the front gate fall.

Over the southeastern wall, flies a terrible sight. A horned devil flanked by four Erinyes. He begins flinging fireballs as the Erinyes fire arrows with great speed. As Gabriel finishes the barbed devil, one of Karthiel’s disciples steps from the shadows healing him. He charges out of the keep and into the courtyard.

Arcturus Mandori reaches the bottom of the tower, and begins throwing divine light at the horned devil.

After throwing a bolt of lightning at the party, the horned devil lands and engages Gabriel in melee. As the party destroys the Erinyes, Gabriel sweeps wide with a mighty blow, sending the horned devil back to hell.

Exhausted, the party looks to one another. How safe is this keep if devils can breach the walls so easy?



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